Breeding Concept

arabian endurence horses


We have started our breeding activities in 2010.

Although we keep it on a small scale with three to four foals per year, we do it very professionally minded, with great passion and high ambitions.

In our team, the expert on breeding issues is Gabrielle Braschler Wenger (picture)



  • To breed and rear foals with the potential to become future champions at the international top level.


  • We focus on quality, not quantity.
  • We want to be owners of outstanding brood mares and buy the sperm
    for them from ideally matching stallions anywhere in the world.
  • Our foals parents are themselves winners or at least offspring of breeding lines with a large number of winners and excellent hereditary qualities.
  • The famous stallion Persik and his offspring play an important role in our breeding activities.
  • We grant our young horses all the time they need to grow up slowly and expect no performance prematurely.


  • Our brood mares and the foals are kept as much as reasonably possible on our pastureland.
  • We do our best that the process of giving birth can also take place in well protected and quiet places on our gracing land instead of a box.
  • We always chose the best method of reproduction in a specific situation, be it live cover, artificial insemination (with fresh or frozen semen) or transfer of embryos.
  • We take care, rear and feed each foal and joung horse according to their specific needs. But we also take care not to make “softies" of them, on the contrary.

ARABIAN DIAMONDS - endurance elite stud (S.C.E.A.)

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